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A brush with determination

A brush with determination

In a testament to resilience and dedication, part time Bemm River resident and artist, Kathy Delanty has unveiled a captivating painting at the Bemm River Hotel, showcasing local icons alongside international celebrities. 
The unveiling marks the culmination of more than 18 months of painstaking work, a journey punctuated by a harrowing accident that nearly robbed Kathy of her ability to paint.
The idea of the artwork dates back to Kath's desire to capture the essence of her friends and family and although she was going to personally complete a similar work for her home, she instead decided to gift the painting to the hotel and its vibrant community in which it serves.
Despite facing a daunting recovery after being charged by a deer along Sydenham Road, Kathy remained undeterred in her pursuit to have the piece of work hung even though she was out of action for more than six months and unable to paint.
Each figure in the painting is carefully paired with a celebrity counterpart, chosen for their personal significance.
From owner of the Bemm River Hotel, Deb herself, alongside Brad Pitt, to long time employee Rhonda Gillard, a dedicated Collingwood supporter, depicted alongside Scott Pendlebury, the artwork pays homage to the unique fabric of Bemm River's community.

IMAGE: Part-time Bemm River resident and artist, Kathy Delanty, has recently unveiled a painting capturing locals with celebrities. The artwork took more than 18 months to complete, and there were plenty of challenges along the way, including an accident which nearly robbed Kathy’s ability to paint.

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