Have you heard?

Have you heard?

Gippsland Pearls have you heard of them have you found any of them?

The members of Orbost Probus Club were quite enthralled when local vet, Sara Bailey, gave an insight into her and her partners’ new venture of growing Gippsland pearls lovely pearly white mushrooms.

Much research has been done and more is being applied to grow these delicious mushrooms in the equine centre at their property between Nowa Nowa and Lake Tyers.

Their aim is to be organic and eco-friendly using the best technology and finding the very best way to grow and harvest this product.

What about growing and producing something a bit more exotic? Like caviar? Not just any old fish caviar, but escargot caviar?

This product is still very much in the early stage of production so don’t expect to buy any yet in the supermarket.

These partners have to find the best way to grow their snails, harvest the eggs, wash them, inspect them under a magnifying glass for imperfections, store and preserve them.

There will be more months of research, trial and error before this bright pearly white escargot caviar can be introduced into the market. One of the obstructions is that the food regulators are not sure which category this product is to be classified into.

As if Sarah has not enough to go on with besides her veterinary work, she is helping set up a public leash-free dog park. This venture has not required as much intensive research as the mushrooms and caviar, however still requires knowledge of the area set aside, public liability laws, best practice for dog parks and awareness of what dog owners would like.

These dog parks have been set up in several Melbourne suburbs and the dogs absolutely love running around in them.

The dog park will be ready by December this year. It is hoped to set up a coffee stall for the dog owners to sit and relax and socialise while their dogs socialise among themselves.

Probus members thanked Sarah for the insight she gave them into some local ventures and wished her all the best.

A reminder to the Probus members that the next meeting is the Christmas in July at the Marlo Hotel where members will socialise with Probus friends from the other nearby clubs.

Take gifts and dress for Christmas.

PICTURED: Sara Bailey, of Gippsland Pearls, is presented with a pen of appreciation from the Orbost Probus Club president, Audrey van den Berg.