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Fires sparked by lightning

Fires sparked by lightning

A number of fires were ignited by lightning strikes over the weekend with speedy response from Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) crews keeping them to small sizes.

The fires were in remote forest areas 10 kilometres north-east of Genoa, nine kilometres north of Orbost, 14 kilometres south-west of Buchan, 15 kilometres south-west of Tambo Crossing and 23 kilometres east of Dargo.

FFMVic firefighters on the ground were supported by dozers and aircraft with all the fires now contained or under control at less than 10 hectares.

“While these fires were all in remote areas and not threatening any communities, they are still a timely reminder to everyone to make sure they have a bushfire survival plan,” Gippsland’s Regional Agency Commander, Chris Barry, said.

“Our parks and forests are tinder-dry in the east of the region and these recent fires moved quickly in the warm windy conditions over the weekend.

“Please make sure you have a plan now for what you and your family will do if a bushfire starts in your area.”

Information about bushfires and bushfire safety is available through a number of channels including the Vic Emergency Hotline, website and app.

Follow VicEmergency on Twitter (#VicFires) or Facebook and listen to emergency broadcasters ABC Local Radio, local commercial radio and designated community radio stations.

A bushfire information night will be held tonight from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Orbost Neighbourhood House.

This will provide opportunities to speak with fire and emergency agency representatives and share your bushfire experiences with other local residents.

Ask questions about safety, preventative measures, fire plans and other issues affecting you and your area.

Highlighting the worth of such community gatherings, one neighbourhood house staff member said, “I sat in on a bushfire discussion for only 15 minutes and there was so much I didn’t know or hadn’t even thought of.”

Contact the Orbost Neighbourhood House for further information.


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