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Can you grow a whopper?

Can you grow a whopper?

When a local started growing pumpkins and suggested to Sailors Grave Brewing’s Gab and Chris Moore that a pumpkin growing challenge would be a good thing for the brewery to host, the pair picked up the idea and are now running with it.

Pumpkin growing used to be a ‘thing’ in Orbost, Gab says, with giant pumpkins grown to feed pigs. And a lot of fun was had with them, too, as they were hollowed out and used by youngsters as boats.

“My pa was a farmer around Orbost and grew corn and kiwifruit all his life. And he grew pumpkins, too,” Gab said.

“There are photos around of him and others as kids in pumpkins like the HMAS Orbost.”

Now Gab and Chris are putting the challenge out to the community at large – who can grow the biggest pumpkin?

More than just a competition, Gab says the hope is that it will lead into a great event at the brewery in March or April next year.

“The event will be based around the time of year and have an autumnal feel,” she said.

“Depending on the amount and size of the pumpkins we’d love to revive the old pumpkin boat traditions.

“We’re also looking to ferment a beer in the pumpkins.

“Then all the left over pumpkins will head to Bruthen to feed the pigs at Bruthen Creek Free Range Pork.”

Gab and Chris have got their hands on some heirloom seeds that are said to produce the ‘world’s largest pumpkin’ and to get everyone kick started in their pumpkin growing endeavours are making packets available, for free. Seed packets can be picked up from The Foundry in Bairnsdale or at the Orbost Landcare office.

“We’d love to see the shire get on board, too, and grow giant pumpkins in the main street,” Gab said.

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