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A new approach to becoming fire wise

A new approach to becoming fire wise

After a number of discussions with landowners in fire impacted areas, Far East Landcare Victoria (FEVL) and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) and are excited to announce the commencement of the FireWise project in the Far East.
The FireWise project aims to improve, share, test and demonstrate our understanding of how numerous species of Indigenous (native) plants, can be retained or planted in strategic locations around the built environment, to better protect assets from bushfire and enhance local biodiversity.
With a mix of demonstration sites, educational activities, educational materials, ongoing research and collaboration, the project will raise the profile of fire planning and 'Fire Wise' awareness within the community and the Landcare network.
The FireWise project is spreading and adding to knowledge that grew out of some pioneering research that Lakes Entrance Community Landcare initiated in 2001. 
They found many native plant species have fire-retardant and/or fire-resistant properties that make them a good choice for properties in fire-prone areas.
Such plants can reduce wind speed, absorb radiant heat, and trap embers.

IMAGE: A variety of green fire wise plants. These plants will go towards the commencement of the FireWise project in Far East Gippsland, which aims to demonstrate how Indigenous plants can better protect assets from bushfires.

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