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From then to now

From then to now

Orbost has had a long proud history of community involvement in, and appreciation of, education and opportunities for young people.
These opportunities, and the town’s history of education, will continue in Orbost as it prepares to officially open Orbost Community College next week, amalgamating Orbost Secondary College, Orbost Primary School and Orbost North Primary School. John Phillips, former teacher at Orbost Secondary College, compiled a history which the college published, A Century of Secondary Education at Orbost 1912-2012.
Some excerpts follow:
Records show very clearly that it has been community interest and lobbying, hard work and community contributions that as resulted in the building and constant improvement to educational facilities in the township of Orbost.

IMAGE: With the official opening of Orbost Community College only days away, the school is being celebrated for its long history of education in the town. An open day will be held at the college next Wednesday, January 31, from 10am. PICTURED: Orbost High School’s Golden Jubilee, held in 1963. The day also commemorated the official opening of the new lower block. INSET: Orbost Secondary College undergoing major renovations in preparation for its opening as Orbost Community College.

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