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Timber backflip

Timber backflip

The State Government has backflipped on its directive to the Victorian building industry to cease designing and constructing homes with native hardwood timber.
The backflip labelled ‘updated guidance following industry consultation’, comes after sustained pressure from The Nationals.
In an attempt to cover its tracks, Labor’s November update told the Housing Industry Association (HIA) members that industry will still be able to access hardwood supply from Victorian timber mills.
Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath called out the Labor Government for its “gross overreach” in attempting to “dictate customer choice” in the building industry.
“Our mills and their workers are stressed enough at a time where they are pivoting due to Labor’s ideological decision to shut Victoria’s native timber industry, they don’t need the State Government to peddle misinformation,” she said.
In its previous communication to the HIA on October 30, Labor “strongly recommended” builders cease using native hardwood varieties in all flooring, staircases, beams, doors, windows, architectural features, decking and cladding.
Ms Bath said the Labor Government’s advice to the HIA was a political push to quash all demand for quality hardwood used in the building and construction industry.

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