Caravanning to home

Caravanning to home
For many, the lifelong dream is to buy a caravan and travel around Australia.
For Colin and Rosalind ??? and their 10-year old son, Joshua, that is what they have lived for the past three years. 
Prior to travelling the country, the family had extensive experience in the mining industry for more than 20 years. 
The family had been looking to purchase a caravan park for the past six months and the Marlo Caravan Park and Motel fitted all of their criteria. 
Having arrived in Marlo in March just as COVID-19 hit, the family has not moved since. 
“Our tongue in cheek response is that we like the place so much that we bought it,” Colin said. 
“We are very grateful to Mark and Georgie ??? for accepting our offer and settlement is booked in for Friday (August 7) and we will run it from then.
“Joshua has already been enrolled into the Marlo Primary School and we are looking forward to getting to know and to participate in the local community.”
While camp parks and other accommodation providers have suffered due to bushfires and COVID-19 restrictions, Colin is hopeful all things will be up and running smoothly by summer.