Six new faces at secondary college

Six new faces at secondary college

Orbost Secondary College has welcomed six new staff members recently.

With ongoing upgrades to facilities, the new additions to the staff are jumping on board a strong team.

Some are returning to the area, others are locals taking on new roles, while one is a Canadian who has recently moved to the area.

Michael Schafer is a born and bred local who graduated from Orbost Secondary College in 2018 and is currently undertaking a sports recreation traineeship.

His role is primarily to help out with the practical components in outdoor education and physical education classes and run lunchtime activities.

With a keen interest in all things sport and outdoor activities, this makes the role a perfect fit for Michael.

Rhyll Mathews, while not necessarily a new staff member to Orbost Secondary College, given that she first was employed there in 2000, teaches art and visual communication and has returned to the college this year after three years away on maternity leave.

A strong Canadian accent does not hide the fact that Tina Keyzer is from Canada, however, she has spent her more recent years in Corryong before moving to the area at the end of 2019. Tina specialises in English studies.  

Graham Millward joined Orbost Secondary College this year in a full-time role after three years teaching at Orbost North Primary School.

He has made the natural transition from teaching grade five and six students at primary school to year seven and eight at secondary school.

He has been able to renew teaching relationships with many of his former students as a result.

Graham holds a degree in history and has a passion for the subject, which he endeavours to pass on to his students in his humanities lessons.

Graham also teaches English and maths in the middle school.

An Englishman by birth (and some would say still very much an Englishman by attitude), Graham moved to Australia in 2004 after marrying an Orbost girl, and has been a part of the community since making the ‘tree change’ to Orbost in 2011.

Born and bred Orbost local, Terry Gladstone, graduated from Orbost Secondary College in 1991 and since then has done a plethora of things including the past 12 years at the School for Student Leadership at Marlo, before joining the staff at Orbost Secondary College.

Another ex-Orbost Secondary College student and Orbost born and bred local, Zac Turner recently moved back into the area after 12 years away and has managed to get a part time role at Orbost Secondary College teaching Inquiry Based Learning (IBL).

He has also taken a part time role as a physiotherapist at Strength Therapy in Bairnsdale.

IMAGE: Michael Schafer, Rhyll Matthews, Tina Keyzer, Graham Millward, Terry Gladstone and Zac Turner have joined the staff at Orbost Secondary College.