COVID crisis

COVID crisis

A COVID-19 infected person has put an entire community at risk of capturing the rapidly transmitted disease.

The Melbourne resident and her partner are believed to have avoided Melbourne's strict city lockdown, travelling to Orbost and Marlo via Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale, stopping at a number of local venues and businesses.

The person is believed to have been tested for the virus and should have been self isolating.

The infected person is believed to have attended the Lakes Entrance ALDI on Friday afternoon/evening, Leon Palace in Orbost on Friday night, the Marlo Hotel on both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, Snowy River Bait and Tackle on Sunday and Orbost Foodworks.

As a result a number of businesses in Orbost and Marlo have shut their doors as a precaution amid fears the virus could spread like wildfire, causing a huge economic hit for the region.

Local MP, Tim Bull, said the matter is under investigation by Victoria Police and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Marlo Hotels Facebook post detailing the situation, posted at 11.06pm on Monday, had received more than 170 comments and 471 shares as of 11am yesterday morning.

Most comments reflected outrage at the infected person, while others showed sympathy for the hotel, other businesses and people affected by the situation.

Orbost Regional Health (ORH) has asked anyone who believes they were in contact with these people to stay home and self isolate until further information is available.

ORH will work closely with the relevant authorities to coordinate testing locally, but this needs to be set up safely to protect our staff as well as the community, it said in a Facebook post.

A pop-up testing clinic will be established at Orbost Football Ground, opening at 8am today, for anyone notified by DHHS that they may have been in close contact with this person. No appointments are necessary.