Wood design exhibition

Wood design exhibition

The Orbost Exhibition Centre committee and volunteers are gearing up for the opening of the 2020 Wood Design Exhibition this Friday, featuring fine work in wood from artists and craftspeople in the district and beyond.

“We are excited about this exhibition because of the quality of the work and the number of volunteers who have stepped forward to open the doors and attend to the shop,” chair of the committee, Deb Foskey, said.

“A couple of years ago, the future of this architectural wonder, the Orbost Exhibition Centre, was in doubt. Passionate community people rallied to ensure it stayed open and now we are preparing for the second annual wood design exhibition this decade.

“We want to make sure that this popular show, which builds on the area’s strengths, is a regular occurrence as it was when the centre first opened its doors in 2003.

“We received invaluable assistance this year from the director of the East Gippsland Art Gallery (EGAG) in Bairnsdale, who helped us set up the exhibition and, with Sonia Grieve and Lisa Roberts from the EGAG’s creative team, gave us great advice about day-to-day running of the centre.

“This is a truly community event. It wouldn’t happen without the volunteers, the artists and the businesses and organisations that provided valuable sponsorship for prizes, the purchase of a new acquisition for the permanent collection, and the costs of running the show.

“The show opens and prizes are awarded on Friday, January 3, at 7pm. All are welcome at the opening and to come any day while the exhibition is open.”

There are still openings for volunteers during the exhibition, which will be open from 10am to 4pm, January 4 to 27, so if you can share your time, please contact Scott at the exhibition centre.

“This is Orbost’s show and a welcome destination for tourists to our region. Go to our web page – orbostexhibitioncentre.org – or better still, come along and have a look at the exhibition,” Ms Foskey said.

IMAGE: Visit the Orbost Exhibition Centre from January 4 to 27 to see fine woodwork from talented artists at the 2020 Wood Design Exhibition, which opens this Friday. (PS)