Time off the farm

Time off the farm

Last Wednesday, the Orbost Country Women’s Association (CWA) held another drop in and have a cuppa session to allow farming families the opportunity to take time off the farm and connect with others.

They also learned about the CWA grant, available for up to $3000 and funded with assistance from the State Government. Applications can be completed online and the process is quite simple.

The session also included the wider community, because, as Orbost CWA president Lisa Ross said, “the drought hasn’t just affected the farmers, it affects everyone, the whole town”.

Throughout the course of the day, around 50 people walked through the doors proving the event a great success. Not only was the usual good old fashioned hospitality on offer – scones, sponges, sandwiches and of course a cuppa – but there were lucky door prizes and a ‘trading table’, which CWA East Gippsland group president, Joanne Alderman, explained to the Snowy River Mail was originally set up within CWA with farmers’ wives making things such as preserves, crochet and knit items and trading them to the table in exchange for money from their membership. For example, a jam may be worth $4, $2 would go to the fundraiser and the other $2 would be deducted from the lady’s membership. The trading table remains, though these days goods are simply donated.

Donations on Wednesday’s trading table included preserves, knitted teddies and hats for younger children, books donated from Friends of Paynesville Library to fill the gap for children between the ages of 10 and 17 years, groceries and even wooden toys made by a gentleman in Melbourne.

The Orbost CWA reformed earlier this year when it hit the ground running with several fundraising activities and catering jobs and there’s still more to come over the coming weeks including the Christmas Eve Festival.

The group was fortunate to have their memberships paid for by another larger CWA in Melbourne, which generously provided the money, given that the region is in drought. New members are always welcome. Contact details can be found at the Snowy River Mail office.

PICTURED: Carl Turney had a chat with CWA East Gippsland Group president, Joanne Alderman, and Kathy Gupta.