Getting autumn festival ready

Getting autumn festival ready

It may still be spring but the organising for the Orbost Autumn Festival and Community Art Exhibition 2020 has begun with committee members dedicated to making sure next year’s festival will bring locals to support it and provide visitors a wonderful experience.

To be held over the Easter period, the festival will give local producers and groups the opportunity to showcase their products and promote Orbost for its art, culture and fresh produce.

The Community Art Exhibition, with the theme of ‘Autumn’, will be held over three weeks, beginning on March 28, with entries to be received on March 27 at the Orbost Exhibition Centre.

It is planned to have a scarecrow tourist route from Nowa Nowa to Cann River and organisers are encouraging everyone to use their imagination to provide travellers around the district some good vibes about the East Gippsland area and to draw them back again to find out what has been happening the next year.

Supporting the autumn scene will be a festival day and an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, April 12, with groups and producers able to set up their own stalls. It is hoped there will be some entertainment besides the children trying to find Easter eggs.

The small committee welcomes ideas and is calling for help to run this show, as everything is still in the planning stage.

Feel free to attend a meeting at the Orbost Community Garden at 1.30pm on Wednesday, November 27. It will be a community event to help support and promote the town and district. Pets and children welcome.

PICTURED: Looking to make the 2020 Orbost Autumn Festival, which may include a scarecrow tourist route, a real winner, organisers are seeking community assistance to make it happen.