Flamingo Fling in the pink

Flamingo Fling in the pink

Orbost Golf Club was awash with a sea of pink last Wednesday when the annual Flamingo Fling high tea raised more than $13,300 to support local women tackling cancer.

Final tallies are yet to be determined with donations still coming in and some auction items still being paid for, but Tracey Barnett, who heads up the Snowy Flamingo’s Cancer Support Group, is already thrilled with the fundraising efforts of the day going well above last year’s tally by more than $1000.

“We sold 125 tickets altogether and I can’t believe we made over $1000 more than last year. The Friends of Orbost Opportunity Shop donated $1000, how wonderful,” Tracey said.

She said there were so many people to thank, including “a wonderful supportive community we have in Orbost, no wonder we live here”.

Addressing the large gathering, which included a large group of supporters from Bemm River, who arrived on the inaugural trip of their new community bus, Tracey tried to impart all the thanks she could on a day that was overwhelming for her and her team of Fling organisers.

“How magnificent you all look, wow, just a sea of pink, give yourselves a round of applause,” she said.

“The monies raised today go towards a pamper day for the ladies affected with cancer in the Snowy Flamingo’s Cancer Support Group. These ladies are affected by a lot of different cancers, and the monthly meetings provide fellowship and sharing of experiences during the year.

“The remaining funds will be donated to Orbost Regional Health, supporting their care of patients and their families throughout Orbost and outlying areas. They provide a fantastic centre that makes available a wide range of services for our community.”

Among those Tracey particularly thanked were the members of the hardworking committee, who had worked throughout the year in preparation of the event.

Orbost Golf Club and their volunteers provided the venue, PA system and complimentary champagne and white wine.

Bevil and Barb Lunson and the volunteers from the Anglican Church provided “the most beautiful lunch and afternoon tea” while Orbost SES donated tea bags.

Marty Ramage and Glenn Turner promoted the Flamingo Fling with a giant inflatable flamingo in their front yard in the lead up to the event, which they donated to the day’s auction.

Tracey said she was surprised it hadn’t caused an accident, “but what fun”.

Veronique Stevenson, of HOF Design, coordinated models, who volunteered their time and energy, and beautiful clothes and accessories for a fashion parade, which Tracey said added “a lovely effect to our high tea and helps make the event special”.

Zoe and Marco Crescenzio conducted the auction, with assistance from Anne Newlyn who travelled around with Zoe helping to collect auction items and donations.

“There is so much work involved in the preparation for the auction,” Tracey said.

Also thanked were the volunteers who collected and delivered tables, the community members who donated items and vouchers for the auction or made donations to the NAB bank.

“Thank you so much for being so kind and generous.”

Tracey also thanked her husband, Jim, who “put up with a house full of flamingos and paraphernalia on the lead up to this event”.

“I appreciate every person who has made a contribution to today’s high tea. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said.

PICTURED: Snowy Flamingo’s Cancer Support Group committee member and MC for the day, Zoe Crescenzio, with founder of the Snowy Flamingo’s Cancer Support Group, Tracey Barnett, who was overwhelmed with the support received for the event.