Red Sunday to make its Melbourne debut

Red Sunday to make its Melbourne debut

The team behind local documentary film, Red Sunday: Healing Through Narrative Therapy, which tells the story of the 2014 fires around Bonang, are excited to have the film included in this year’s Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

The fires of early 2014 were devastating for the Far East Gippsland communities and lasted nearly 70 long, unpredictable, and traumatic days, and the production of the film was one path to recovery for the devastated communities. The community came together for its world premiere on December 8, 2017.

The documentary shares the 2014 bushfire experiences of 39 community members from Tubbut, Bonang and Goongerah, as well as from the viewpoints of Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’ s Chris Stephenson and Orbost Fire Brigade captain, Dick Johnstone.

Behind the production were local organisers, Lorelee Cockerill and Birgit Schaedler, director, Siloh Cairnes, and producer, Skantha Rajahn. The film also features original local music by Bob McIIroy and Muma On The Move (Ruth Hanson).

Initial funding from Orbost Regional Health got the project off the ground, and funding was also received from two State Government fire recovery programs, but it became a hobby for all involved, hundreds of voluntary hours producing the final product.

“The project was a helpful process for the participants,” Lorelee said.

“And it’s really good for the guys who produced it to see it going to Melbourne. We’re very grateful for the crew and the time they put into it because it really became a hobby for them.

“I hope it will be a great success at the film festival.”

Red Sunday will make its Melbourne premiere at the film Melbourne Documentary Film Festival next Monday, July 22, at Backlot Cinemas, 65 Haig Street, Southbank.

It will screen directly after Forged From Fire, a film also about community recovery from the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.

Visit the Red Sunday: Healing Through Narrative Therapy Facebook page to watch the trailer. Head to the festival’s website page to purchase tickets.

PICTURED: The film crew with Orbost Fire Brigade captain, Dick Johnstone, during the filming of Red Sunday: Healing Through Narrative Therapy.