Preparing for Pumpkin Fest 2020

Preparing for Pumpkin Fest 2020

Following the success of the Orbost Pumpkin Festival Art Exhibition 2019 it is now time to think about the festival for 2020.

This will be bigger than the Easter exhibition this year and will require input from more members of the community.

Do you have some ideas to make the 2020 festival better, bigger, encompass more, be more fun? All ideas, criticisms, innovations are welcome to encourage the community to be involved.

Artists and craft people have much more time to work on their pieces for the coming exhibition. For 2020, the theme will be autumn, or maybe autumn harvest, which will give more scope to display individual talents. Pumpkins will still be involved and enthusiasts can soon begin growing this marvelous but sometimes maligned vegetable, as more will be needed for display.

Lochiel House grew some lovely golden nugget pumpkins and made some filled material ones to hang, both of which were displayed and admired.

Later in the year of 2020, an Exhibition of Bridges will be held. This may be more of a challenge but organisers are sure most artists and crafts people can incorporate a bridge into their work. Photographers and digital artists are encouraged to display their artistry and it will contribute. Come on board and be a part of this exciting venture to help put Orbost on the map of art and culture in 2020.

More information will be forthcoming over the next month. Contact Audrey van den Berg to show your interest or leave your details at the Snowy River Mail office.

PICTURED: Organisers need your help to make the 2020 Orbost Pumpkin Festival Art Exhibition bigger and better than this year’s event.